About Our Unique Bohemian & Tibetan Jewellery

Tibetan Jewellery was started in 2016 as an attempt to bring many different ethnic, tribal and bohemian styles together because we love big, bold and colourful designs. After a search online for boho jewellery it was clear there are many websites as well as physical high-street retail stores selling boho jewellery but we noticed it was all very generic and the quality was lacking. After working with many different suppliers from Tibet, China and India, we found we could provide better quality, creative designs that are hard to find and many unique gemstones that wouldn’t be found elsewhere.

Our focus on the past two years has been targeted towards the bohemian market, selling on Ebay and Etsy however with the launch of our new website we are proud to integrate our authentic Tibetan jewellery with our boho range as an attempt to raise awareness of jewellery and designs which do come from Tibet and India, jewellery which otherwise may be lost and never seen at all.

The Buddhist influence is also very important to us because of the values that Buddhism represents, we also have symbolic influence from Hinduism and Judaism in our jewellery as well as ethnic tribal designs that we just love

Our range is due to get bigger and better as we do more research, find new trading partners and create new designs.

Please join our movement and most importantly look great, feel great and stand out from the crowd.

Photo of workshop making jewellery

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

We Are Creative

We create new designs, styles and jewellery every week, using different beads, charms and talismans. We aim to be a trend-setter, not a follower.

We Have Intuition

Fashions and styles change, that’s why we spend hours researching new designs, looking at online and offline media to ensure we’re up-to-date with the latest trends.

We Are Determined

We are determined to seek out and create special unique jewellery, not to be found anywhere else online.

Meet The Team

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